Week 26, 2023

What's what this week in the betting industry's early-stage ecosystem

Alright, we’re heading into long weekend mode in both Canada and the US, so let’s round up what we saw this week:

📰 Headline news

  • The big news this week: Jake Paul’s Betr raises $35 million at $300 million valuation. (Link)

  • ALT Sports Data announced a partnership with Dana White’s Power Slap to create new betting and engagement opportunities for Power Slap fans. (Link)

  • Personalization provider Epoxy.ai launches its new SmartPicks product with betParx. (Link)

  • Underdog launches new Best Ball format called Weekly Winners:

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💬 Ink & airwaves

The best of what we read and listened to this week:

  • 🎙️ Ep. 72 of The Betting Startups Podcast featured Stefano Vaccarino from FTN Network, a multi-site data and media company focused on sports betting, fantasy, DFS. Listen now (34:36): Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Web

  • 📚 The story of Megan Lanham’s journey from coaching basketball to co-founding Rithmm, a predictive analytics platform, which recently announced a $2m raise. (Link)

  • 📚 Online Bet published an interview with Will Armitage, industry angel investor and co-founder of BestOdds.com. (Link)

  • 📚 nVenue, the B2B microbetting company, gives us a look behind the curtain at their time so far in the NBA’s Launchpad program. (Link)

  • 📚 Joey Levy, cofounder of Betr, talks about the aforementioned $35m funding round, and how he sees “media as zero-cost customer acquisition platform”. (Link)

  • 📚 Sticking with Betr: one of its lead investors, Roger Ehrenberg, published the investment thesis behind Eberg Capital’s participation in the round. (Link)

  • 📚 Is golf betting out of control? You can now bet on mini-golf competitions. (Link)

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🤝 Deal corner

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  • Seed investment opportunity (raising $500k) in an innovative P2P sports betting platform taking a unique spin on the sector, focused on boosting local and social fan engagement and experiences. Product, users, and partnerships established and growing.

  • Early-stage operator startup with product + Mexican license + experienced management team. Closing pre-seed round soon, less than $250k left unsubscribed, $25k minimum.

  • Early-stage operator raising new funding to help facilitate expansion into selected US markets. Available for meetings at SBC to discuss further with qualified investors.

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💼 Great gigs

New jobs from leading early-stage companies in the space:

  • 🆕 Doxa Fantasy is looking for front-end software developer with a passion for React. (Link)

  • Novig is a YC-backed company that recently closed a $6m seed round, and they are hiring across a variety of roles. (Link)

  • Prophet Exchange is looking for college interns in NJ to help with biz dev. (Link)

Alright, time to close the laptop for now. Happy Canada Day and 4th of July to all celebrating! 🥳